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Re-study biology/geology term in CN/EN

Biology/Geology term list

Learning data.table (4)

Day 4: reshape data.table

Learning data.table (3)

Day 3: use key in data.table

Learning data.table (2)

Day 2: data.table add/update/delete columns by reference

Learning data.table (1)

Day 1: data.table syntax


Human society is similar to natural ecosystem

A simple song by RY

An ameteur framework of feeling and thoughts in our brain

Why cannot control yourself sometimes? How to recognise yourself?

Review data analysis in R

tidyverse, reshap2 functions review

SSH and Some Linux Commands

What’s public key and private key (in my understanding) Public key and private key are generated pairwisely. Only each other can decode the other. One of the pair can be the lock and the other can be the key. SSH connection process Client sends a request Server receives the request and send pub_key to client client uses the pub_key to encrypt password and send back Server decodes it using private_key Core: use server’s public key to encrypt user’s password.