Rime input method


Rime is a across-platform engine which supports various Chinese input methods. It is best in

  1. Free Software
  2. No privacy issue (not upload any of your data in some tech company’s cloud)

Installation of rime (MacOS)

brew install --cask squirrel


The configuration files (in MacOS) is under ~/Library/Rime.

Application configuration: squirrel.yaml and squirrel.custom.yaml (theme etc)

Input Method scheme configuration: default.yaml and default.custom.yaml (global); rime_mint.schema.yaml (local).

Useful features for me

  • Shortcut of typing greek letters (e.g., “/alpha” -> “α”, “/a” -> “ā”)
  • Emacs user friendly (e.g., next page is “C-n”; can be used in emacs)
  • App specific options (e.g., Open terminal and it will automatically be English mode)

Available configurations/schema